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HAMMERSONIC "Jakarta Internasional Metal Festival"

Saturday-Sunday / 27-28 April 2013
Live at Ecopark Ancol Jakarta, Indonesia

Cradle of Filth (UK)
 Epica (Ned)
As I Lay Dying (USA)
 Dying Fetus (USA)
Lock Up (UK)
 Hour of Penance (It.)
Putrid Pile ( USA)
 Dyscarnate (UK)
Saturnian (UK)
 Gorod (Fra.)
Voyager (Aust.)
 Whoretopsy (Aust.)
Inanimacy (Aust.)
 Sensory Amusia (Aust.)
The Amenta (Aus)
 Advent Sorrow (Aust.)
Ouroboros (Aust.)
 Obituray (USA)
Cannibal Corpse (USA)
 Destruction (Ger)
Power Metal (INA)
 Sucker Head (INA)
Burgerkill (INA)
 Seringai (INA)
Dead Vertical (INA)
 Kapital (INA)
Unremains (INA)
 Rezume (INA)
Hellcrust (INA)

And Many More...


Pre Sale

11 Feb - 31 Mar
  • 1 Day-Pass: Rp. 225.000
  • 2 Day-Pass: Rp. 375.000


1 - 28 Apr

  • 1 Day-Pass: Rp. 300.000
  • 2 Day-Pass: Rp. 500.000
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